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Lets talk about Ties

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Did you know, one-third of mothers who give up on nursing do so because of the symptoms and complications of tongue-ties.


Not only do these babies miss out on huge heath benefits and the beautiful experience of nursing, but they often have speech, dental, airway,  and digestive issues. Dr. Alasha and Dr. Bailey have both had their journeys with being Tongue Tied. Because of this they are both passionate about providing specific tools and care to help babies function at their fullest potential. They have taken hundreds of hours of seminars and courses, so they may give the best care possible. 

When a child has oral ties, there whole body has to compensate. Often there is a high level of tension in their body and nervous system. Ideally, your child is checked by a Pediatric Chiropractor and has their nervous system evaluated prior to having the revision done. WHY: This gives you and your pediatric chiropractor a baseline for the level of strain on your child's body  and nervous system. Once your chiropractor starts the process of balancing your child's nervous system, your dentist will find they can perform a more complete revision and there will be a better chance of avoiding reattachment or the need for a second revision. In addition to the exercies your dentist may give you for your child; Chiropractic care will serve to rewire the neural pathways and create lasting change.

Think of the ties like puppet strings. Your child's body is the puppet and their strings are pulled too tight and often twisted. Once the revision is done, the strings are cut. But now, your child's body needs help releasing the pattern of tension due to how their body had compensated around the tie.

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What parents report: Sleep improves, babies feed more efficiently , digestive issues resolve, chronic congestion clears up, babies are able to turn their heads symmetrically, head shape becomes rounder, family life improves- the list goes one!

Here is an anatomical demonstration of how fascial tension in the tongue affects the kinemaic chain throughout the body.

We are committed to a great start for children.

This helpful brochure gives guidance and encouragement to Moms in the period surrounding breastfeeding  difficulties and rehabilitation.

The 5 T’s of Tongue Tie and Lip Tie Post Revision Support

This PDF is a wonderful description to why Tongue Tie Release is not the whole answer to breastfeeding issues. 

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