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Back to School!

Ready or not the new school season is just around the corner! Can you believe it? Another year, another teacher, school supplies, clothes, lunches, maybe lockers and of course BACKPACKS! Growing children use their backpacks everyday at school for years! Imagine carrying something that is sometimes 25% of your body weight everyday on you back and shoulders! Do you remember having a heavy backpack or what about that 7 lbs baby you carried..

We don't want unnecessary stress on a developing child's spine and nervous system! Repetitive stress and poor posture lead to a poor spine and dysfunction in the nervous system which leads to poor health!

Here are some things that you can do to make a huge impact on your child's health!

5. Every Sunday empty out your child's backpack and review what is inside.

They may not need all their books each day.

4. Check the straps for proper shoulder placement, make sure that the bottom of the backpack is two inches above the waist and resting in the curve of the low back.

3. Weigh your child's backpack once a week to determine if it is within the safe range of 15% or less of your child's body weight. So a 50 pound child should not carry more that 7.5 lbs on their back!

2. Once you have the correct weight in your child’s backpack make sure it is distributed evenly. Always pack heavy items at the bottom to ensure that the heaviest load is carried lower and closer to your child’s core area.

1. Are your children being checked by a chiropractor to make sure they are maintaining good spine and nervous system health?

If your child is not under regular wellness chiropractic care, check your child's shoulders and head level at least once a month to determine if they are showing early signs of repetitive stress on their growing spine. Chiropractors are trained to detect the early signs and be preventative. Like dentistry, early detection and correction is key to better health.

I hope everyone enjoyed these tips and has a healthy and happy school year!


Dr. Alasha Young

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